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Round 79 Themes

Thank you for entering round #79.
Sign ups will remain open throughout the whole round.

PLEASE, try to icon your guy as in the person, NOT as in character form.
Use a character only when it's really necessary.

10 Themes, 5 Category, 5 Artist Choice

bad boy, bad habits, circle, far away, firework
looking away, New Year's pledge, plus one, remember 2016, uniform

firework...animation is more than appreciated but no obligation
remember 2016...remember the nine guys (Alan Rickman, Jim Parsons, Roger Cicero, Max Greenfield, Aaron Paul, Anton Yelchin, Martin Sensmeier, Jesse Williams and Stark Sands) who represented the nine rounds guys20in20 in 2016? Take one and make an icon.
Second Choice
Make five icons with your second choice guy.

Artist Choice:
Any 5 icons of your choice


  • All entries must be tagged this way: round 79,!entries:round 79, celeb:guy's name, maker:your username

  • Include the round #79 - guy's name - username in the subject line to your entry.

  • Icons must be LJ standards. No animation is allowed.

  • Icons must be brand new for this challenge. No pre-made bases should be used.

  • Do not upload your icons to Fanpop.

  • Please save all of your icons in one format.

  • Don't lock your entry or post a link to a locked community until after voting is up, I will not join your community to get the icons.

  • Comment here if you have any questions.

  • All icons must be in by Wednesday, January 25th by 11:59 PM PDT.

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