havers (havers) wrote in guys20in20,

Round 80 Sign-Ups

Round #80 will start March 1st.

Number of participants: 10
You must sign up with one guy and you need to be signed up in order to participate in the round.
You may not claim the person you claimed last round, completed or not.
Sign ups will remain open throughout the round.
The same guy can be claimed for a max of TWO TIMES.

Guys not available anymore:

1. zeelixiroflife - Cole Sprouse
2. emmatheslayer - Cameron Monaghan
3. magical_sid - Jon Hamm
4. tarienemrys - Matthew Daddario
5. havers - Justin Trudeau
6. chamilet - John Barrowman
7. devon380black - David Gandy
8. wickedvengeance - Luke Evans
9. halliwell - Joseph Morgan
10. erinm_4600 - Robert Osborne
Tags: round 80, signups
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Username: zeelixiroflife
First Choice: Cole Sprouse
Second Choice: KJ Apa
Country: England
Themes/Category Suggestions: two colours, no face, floral
You are in with Cole.
First Choice:cameron monaghan
Second Choice:james Paxton
Themes/Category Suggestions:
welcome back
you are in with Cameron
Lovely Banner, btw!

Username: magical_sid
First Choice: I found new pics, so I have to choose: Jon Hamm
Second Choice: Sam Claflin
Country: Germany
Themes/Category Suggestions: Retro, b/w with text, fave pic, timeline (Category), one color, duplicate, grunge
Oh yes, you are back with Jon. Can't wait to see your icons with the new pics.

I really like the Retro topic!
Username: tarienemrys
First Choice: Matthew Daddario
Second Choice: Jared Padalecki
Country: USA
Themes/Category Suggestions:
you are in with Matthew
Username: chamilet
First Choice: John Barrowman
Second Choice: Martin Freeman
Country: USA
Themes/Category Suggestions:
welcome to round #80
you are in with John
Username: devon380black
First Choice: David Gandy
Second Choice: Taylor Kinney
Country: Philippines
Themes/Category Suggestions:
I had loved to see new Taylor icons but you are in with your first choice: David Gandy
Username: wickedvengeance
First Choice: Luke Evans
Second Choice: Orlando Bloom
Country: USA
Themes/Category Suggestions:
welcome back
you are in with Luke
Username: Halliwell
First Choice: Joseph Morgan
Second Choice: Matthew Davis
Country: USA
Themes/Category Suggestions:
welcome back

you are in with Joseph (you have 9 more days to finish your set)

Username: erinm_4600
First Choice: Robert Osborne
Second Choice: n/a
Country: USA
Themes/Category Suggestions: n/a
Sign up and finished set within a few hours?

You are marvelous. I wanted to tell you there will be an extension, but I see you don't need it at all.
I didn't want to sign up until I was sure I could actually FIND the photos. So, I kinda cheated :D